As we introduce our first T-shirt I think it is important that everyone understands the meaning behind it. As females we are slowly becoming recognized for the amazing women we are, however, we have a long way to go.

As a former female athlete and now a soccer coach it has never been more apparent the struggles that we face especially when I coach within a so called “man’s game”. Referees or other coaches will automatically assume that my male manager is the coach, because go figures women don’t know anything about soccer or simply shouldn’t be on the sideline, right?…WRONG!!

As I began my business using soccer to impact others I not only wanted to help promote women but also invest in the youth of today. Soccer has taught me many life lessons and I hope to share these with everyone I am lucky enough to come in contact with. However, the biggest message I want to get across is simply that soccer is for ALL.

So what is the meaning behind the BALLER T-shirts?

I believe that we don’t need to put LADY or GIRLS in front of BALLER, if we are fighting for equality lets begin by using the same language as our male counterparts. Take High Schools for example, you have Eagles for the boys team, then LADY EAGLES for the girls team…why not just use EAGLES for both as after all they are representing the same school.

SO… he is not labeled a MALE BALLER and she is not labeled a LADY BALLER, take away the gender label and one word defines All soccer/football players…BALLER!!

We play the same game, by the same rules!!

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